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Actively owned companies generates a higher growth and more employment opportunities

In December 2015, the Swedish Venture Capital Association (SVCA) released a study on active ownership in Sweden.  The study was conducted by SVCA in collaboration with McKinsey & Co.

Access to capital is a necessity for a company to reach its full potential. Today, Sweden has a financial system that is characterized by solid banks, a well-functioning public market and a good availability of capital from venture capital to buyout. However, access to capital is not the only factor that explains the success of a company.

The study shows that actively owned companies on average generates a higher growth in terms of both the market value of equity and the number of employees. As an example, actively owned companies in the lower mid-market segment generated an average annual growth in the number of employees of 6% in the period from 2008 to 2013 compared to 1% in passively owned companies.

SVCA concludes that in order for companies to reach their full potential at all stages of their development, Sweden would benefit from an agenda for increased active ownership that promotes better conditions for the entrepreneurs and a sustainable corporate agenda that continues to attract capital to Swedish companies.

Please find link to the study below (in Swedish):

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